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We give the Highest level of commitment to getting things done to the highest standards of safety possible whether it be climbing and removal or Elevated Platform works, we use the most appropriate services to respond to the particular site and customer needs to then deliver safe outcomes that are as cost effective as possible but still remain safe. We don’t believe that fast rash choices give good outcomes when many times we are dealing with issues that weigh Many tons with some being 10 and 20-ton monsters then you cannot take shortcuts with happy outcomes.

  • Land Clearing
  • Lantana Removal
  • Slashing and Mowing
  • Firewood
  • Pools removed and filled in
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Earthmoving

Ground Services

WE offer a large array of Services from dealing with trees that are dead and been down for years possibly in Piles that have been pushed up, to Stump removal, we can chip on site or remove material to be dealt with elsewhere meaning that there is less damage to site, we always try to do as little damage as we can.

Honoring Life

Means that sometimes if we are called in early enough then we can save trees where it is cost effective to do so and appropriate. But sometimes it comes down to the fact as the trees grow so do the removal costs later on as the trees get bigger and the removal techniques get much more radical and more costly.

After Care

WE offer many follow-up services to tree care from follow-up of Lantana removal right through to Branch removal and limited Tree lopping so call  us to go through your needs as we can tailor specific outcomes to compliment your unique needs.


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