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Lantana Removal

Lantana Removal in Queensland

Lantana Removal In Queensland: A very big part of our Business revolves strongly around Vegetation management, we are the Jungle Busters because simply put that is what we do, We do it where no one else can and we also get results with as small of a footprint as we can, causing the least damage to things that people want to maintain.
In our industry the cowboys have done so much damage to the ecology and the ongoing costs that owners then have to deal with because it was just rip tear and Bust. I have dealt with many jobs where 10 times as much was spent after they did their work, and it was spent on the repairs that should never have happened in the first place, as well some of it cannot be fixed as the years of mounting costs escalate.
We have slashing methods and equipment for most every terrain and problem, add to that the shear mountain of experience in some of the worst conditions or terrain possible, working against some of the worst pests and weeds there are out there and we become even more cost effective as well as our treatments last long term, So Give Garry or Joel a call today to sort out your Jungle !!!!!! 0466716830


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