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Lantana Removal – The Importance Of Clearing Lantana

Lantana Removal – The Importance Of Clearing Lantana

I Really Love Destroying Lantana as it feels like a small piece of taking back our Country for this menace. This is why I have spent so many years perfecting the methods I use in the total removal of it, Our success in having it removed for good in one to two Treatments is what we are all about and all that without poisons and harmful toxins.
We have developed total management plans from the removal to the follow up works to make sure you don’t lose you land after its removal, which is one of our real strengths, Lantana is such a problem because it has many tentacles so to speak, The policies on its removal have always been so poorly enacted and each method that was put forward and Failed, caused more terrible side effects that were just as or even more costly then just the original infection. We Treat every part of these issues with the lessons learned over 30 years. I remove Lantana and in just about all cases now its totally gone on 1 eradication Treatment and at worst 1 other follow up, we are also the only ones that will Guarantee our success. We do our works on a contract basis on the areas involved, and cannot stress enough that the whole problem needs to come out in one eradication Treatment as small treatments will not work in the same way that everyone else fails with this menace. Others Treat it and just spread the issue wider and stronger.
It’s Far cheaper to deal with the problem in 1 time, we will travel all over Queensland at this stage and will look at Jobs anywhere, We do Charge for this consultation and this comes off the job later. Steep Terrain is not a problem but it does alter the pricing as would be expected considerably as the dangers increase and the time it takes to do the Job safely.
We work from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast but as I said it does cost to inspect and consult on the problem there is no problem to big or to complicated.

So Give Garry or Joel a call on 0466716830

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