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Lantana Gone for Good

Lantana Gone for Good

Governments have failed us terribly with this Menace, All of the systems they promote only spreads the beast.  So my Challenge is to get the word spread across the Country that we can permanently beat this menace and uncover the beauty that has been swallowed up by this Creeping Assassin. Whilst I understand why they don’t speak of it, I say that it places our lands in a terrible situation as this horrible national threat grows every year. It is listed as a National Threat, but when you look at how far and wide it covers our lands, then it is far more than that.  It robs our native botanical species of Habitat.  The Fauna is left with huge areas of land that they can’t use and that is UN-penetrable to them. I wonder sometimes why we lack the will to act, When money is spent on resolving this issue it benefits our local communities.  It is our desire to see the land opened up again.  To take back the land for which we paid and to allow owners the opportunity to shape and beautify their land that they uncover.  This will inject even more money into our local communities. Our Systems of Operation means that we are not just focused on the eradication of Lantana but also on the results, You see many of the old practices caused so much massive collateral damage that the ongoing costs to owners were massive.

That is why our systems, developed from over 30 years of experience, don’t cost more.  In fact they cost much less because we are already wise in what will happen next and the pitfalls. I call our methods ethical because we don’t randomly destroy everything. We surgically remove the things that we need to remove and we preserve the Infrastructure as much as we can.  This means that the work after removal is as minimal and as cost effective as possible.

One of the Greatest tragedies of our modern times is the loss of our lands and their fertility.  Whether swallowed by Lantana or erosion, it actually ends up with the same outcomes – loss of usable land.  It was accepted that nothing could be done about it because the Councils and Government departments say it is so, Really what it is, it is a lack of desire and fore thought, Councils and Crown land hold some of the greatest reserves of Lantana in the Country.  If they rock the boat and tell you that you must spend money on removing it from your land, then they  must do the same. So by saying nothing and pretending it cannot be dealt with then they save themselves those costs. This short term thinking is typical of them, Money goes around and paying it forward means you get land back and  you stop the infection which is a real part of the issue,  We have stopped this at boundaries from other infected properties without an issue.  Of course its better to remove all the strands and especially from water ways as it spreads it downstream so badly.

So I ask all of you who have read this far to take a stand with us and call us to arrange a quote to take Australia back from Lantana infestation, Please actively share the pages, website, information to friends and family.  Even our children see how much of a problem it is currently and how even more massive of a problem t will become when tit is their time to take stewardship of our nation’s land, Food is going to become a problem in the decades to come.  We need to reclaim our lands and move our food bowls back into our yards and our control.  This is to stop the additives, for which we didn’t ask, to be put into our food as well as to stop the unethical treatment of livestock. For the land to prosper we need to not only grow not only food but soils and microbes.

I understand some of my writings may get deep and meaningful but these subjects are all linked by one thread or another and we cannot move to a better world unless we see that our actions or in actions affect the outcomes and what we pass forward to our Families.

So for lantana removal anywhere please call Garry or Joel on 0466716830 or 38855729

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