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Betta Tree Removals Specializes in Land Clearing, its very important to comply with Regulations

Betta Tree Removals Specializes in Land Clearing, its very important to comply with Regulations

Steep Slopes are something we have over 30 years experience dealing with
Nothing at all gets through Lantana like this, not even light

With over 30 + years experience in all steep and soft terrain there is no one with more actual time dealing with issues in Lantana, Trees and vegetation. With such a vast amount of hours doing the work, we are best placed to advice on long term maintenance of your properties and the machinery and equipment that best suits your unique challenges, rather than trying to deal with a salesperson that is only interested in selling the equipment that makes them the most money but may be lethally dangerous in the terrain that you will be using it.

Many people die every year that no one ever hears about due to accidents on steep slopes. We are committed to results.  Therefore our focus is on the most cost effective solution that will keep you as safe as possible, None of us has large amounts of time on our hands to spend working to maintain our land but the simple fact is that when you don’t look after it, then the weeds and the Trees take over to the point that things get completely out of balance.  This is where costs start to sky rocket. So we cover everything from Clearing and Tree removal to Slashing, Fire Breaks, Fence lines, Demolitions of everything, Dam repairs and Much much more. So call Garry or Joel today on 0408 875 815

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