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WE have the ability to deal with all things trees, from inspections of damaged trees, or trees that have fallen, right through to the planned removal before the worst happens. We have the experience and the knowledge to get you through, Personally, I have over 40 years in Construction, Trees, and Earthmoving so we know all about the loads and shifting loads when things have gone wrong and time is important, we can mobilize quickly and then stabilize large items to stop further damage to important personal property from design and construct abilities where there are no current solutions, we can fabricate equipment in extremely fast time. Having dealt with many situations of loads trying to shift and weight management.

Our Heritage

I personally started these types of works over 40 years ago myself and through many facets of works have thousands of hours in Machinery, on the ground and in the tree works to be able to safely deal with your needs no matter how extreme they seem to be, and My Son and I do all of the works ourselves to dedicate that same quality to our works as we do not rush these things and make poor choices, even though many times you have to deal with Damage and Structural issues that we would have preferred to have dealt with the tree before it came to this

Our Staff

My Son Joel and I are the Staff because we prefer the personalized connection that it gives to us being the ones in the field, With all our experience being our own rather than paying others who are not the ones actually doing the works. 40 plus years across the broadly connected works means the understanding of the many areas around the works means we have expertize that others do not. So you can feel safe having us deal with the problems you face.

Our Equipment and Experience

Makes us second to none in the level of gear we can put in the field quickly means we have a top response time in dealing with emergency situations and needs. Our Equipment is in excellent and well-maintained standard at all times and with our knowledge base to call on we can get things done safely and in many times ever where the terrain is very poor, we can get safe outcomes.

Our Community

Is about Family, so we believe strongly in working to protect Community from the dangers of Storms, Trees, and Fire Disasters. WE are a strong Part of or local Narangba Community and that of the Greater Brisbane Community that we serve, we Strive to get the best outcomes we can get for Families and we don’t compromise safety for Price.

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How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

WE have an extensive range of equipment and with 40 years experience in taking trees down, Our Services include Climbing and systematic removal in sensitive areas with limited access and room. We also offer height services where needed so we have you covered no matter what the complexity of your job is, So give us a call today on 0466716830 Garry or Joel  Other Services we offer is dead tree removals, whether it is land that has been cleared and piles of dead trees, we come in and remove them by Truck and Excavator we also offer our services where trees are termite damaged and difficult removals. 
Guaranteed Services

Guaranteed Services

With our Earthmoving we also do land clearing, Slashing, and Lantana removal. Also, we do Slashing and Mowing as well as Garden demolitions, Pools Removed and filled in. Rubbish removal Firewood  Dams Patched and repaired where walls have been breached.


It's always best to have acted before this becomes a reality, We offer an extensive free inspection of your job to see how safe you really are. Time has taught us well that it's far cheaper to act before this happens and options are limited to damage control, rather than cheaper options. From massive trees to dead trees we do it all including this one in the picture where they are already down and systematic removal is the only option. We operate in all areas of Brisbane and Brisbane North from Storm Damage right through to just safe cleanups. 

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